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You may be unfamiliar with our stories or just new to the publishing process here are our guidelines for our traditionally published books.

We are a Christian based publishing company so we look for stories that are true and have a redeeming or inspirational storyline with a beginning, middle, and end. We know that life can get messy and can be full of drama, so it's ok to have a story with those aspects, but we don't want to leave a reader there. We want a reader that's hurt to be healed, or someone that is lonely to feel as if they have someone that understands them after reading your story. We want stories that move readers, whether that's through tears, laughter, or getting chills, the story needs to be relatable.

Don't be afraid to open up and be transparent. We believe that "if you can't go there, the reader can't grow there." Meaning if you can't address a particular subject matter in your story then your reader misses an opportunity to grow in that area.


Stories are to be written in first person and to be edited much as possible. We reserve the right to edit submissions accepted but if it's hard to comprehend we will not read it. 

All of our submissions are electronic and are to be submitted via email to, but please look at the our submissions page because we ask for a specific subject line, deadline, etc. based on the submission.

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