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How Do You Deal with Rejection?... You Don’t!

Updated: May 23, 2023

How To Deal With Rejection

Often as writers, we take our craft very seriously and sometimes to a fault. We get so caught up in our projects becoming “our babies” that we forget the reason we’re writing to begin with. Without an audience, our writing seems like journaling or a potential unfinished masterpiece.

What differentiates our “Best Sellers” from the stockpile of notebooks sitting in a corner we dare not stare at too long for fear of actually completing them, or worse showing them to someone important is rather simple. It’s the editing and review process, one thing is certain that each and every writer feels like their final work is complete.

Well, I’m here to admit that we’re all wrong even the final piece is more like a final draft. If you go into it knowing that the goal is to get to a polished final draft, then accepting critique lessens the blow. It’s very unlikely that everyone in your intended audience will fall in love with your book, let’s face it we secretly love the naysayers! For two main reasons

1. The opportunity to go back to the drawing board and prove we are not a one-trick pony, and

2. The chance to view our pieces from an unbiased party that isn’t emotionally attached to every syllable. I personally enjoy getting critique from the people that say, “it’s good just not what I’m looking for” because that comment is usually followed by exactly what they felt was missing.

Now knowing this, you also have to stand firm in your resolve because every piece is not a one size fits all. Yet being firm in what you believe also comes with the responsibility of being open-minded to change. One thing about rejection is, it humbles you. The way to prevent it from breaking your spirit is to remember when you’re submitting it to be published, you’re submitting just a final draft. Drafts are meant to be scrutinized to perfection. A writer with an open mind can write for unintended audiences and excel.

Written by Jasmine Hedgpeth

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