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How to Look Your Very Best Every Day is a treasured resource for those that have a full closet but still have trouble finding something to wear. Flott combines her experience with fundamental styling principles to help readers revitalize their look and give them the confidence and know-how to dress for every occasion.


Fashion expert Krystal Flott wants to help you take the stress out of getting dressed by simplifying all the confusing and complicated advice you’ve ever learned about fashion. In this book, you will learn how to:


  • Debunk those fashion myths that are holding you back from living your best-dressed life
  • Keep up with new trends while making your current wardrobe work for you
  • Transition your style with each season
  • Determine what colors work best for you
  • Figure out what to wear for different occasions


Packed with practical tips and surefire methods for boosting your appearance, this is undoubtedly the “go-to” guide for real-life fashion advice.

How To Look Your Very Best Every Day

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