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I have learned a lot on my journey about strength and what it means to hold on to your faith. As a single mother of three, this journey of raising a child with Sickle Cell Anemia stretched me so thin that I nearly broke.


Sickle cell disease is an inherited form of anemia where red blood cells become abnormally long and pointed, similar to the shape of a crescent moon. It affects approximately one out of every 365 African-American births in the United States and millions worldwide.


But with prayer and a support system, we’re making it. It pleases me to share my story of raising a family through the adversities of dealing with the sickle cell disease. With encouraging insights and information easy to comprehend, In The Midst of a Sickle Storm, will help you:


-Navigate through the stress that a sickle storm causes not only for the “sickler” but for their families.

-Build a healthier structure to handle when sickle cell crisis happens.

-Learn medical terminology used so you aren’t lost in translation during your doctor’s visit.

-Know essential steps to help your child cope with dealing with sickle cell.


"Sickle Cell disease does not come with a manual, but it does come with a mother who never gives up!" Advocating for SCD until my last breath!! - Lillie Thomas Daugherty

In The Midst of A Sickle Storm

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