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Counted out by those she thought she could count on the most, Rita B has battled with loving her self since she was a little girl. Raised by a single mother of three girls, on the west side of Chicago, she had overcome a situation that nearly ended her life. When the choice of ending her life was in her hand, she heard a voice that saved her life.The journey of Overlooked will;


-Equip you with prayers to defeat the enemy and negative mindsets.

-Help deepen your relationship with Christ.

-Teach you how to deal with bullying, low self-esteem and being lied on.

-Show you how to deal with abandonment, rejection, and more.


The book tells you the issues I dealt with because of my skin tone, and the price I paid because of it. I share with my readers the lessons I learned about life, and how I finally managed to find happiness in accepting myself. Rita B. is on the path to bring healing and hope to young girls that are overlooked. Theodore Roosevelt once said that ‘comparison is the thief of joy.’ Overlooked shows you how to take your eye’s off of someone else and put the focus back on you so that you can live the life God intended you to live.


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